I offer my very best mind and skills to achieve the level of designs that I offer which requires a high level of time and dedication to each project. This and due to the digital nature of logo design services I do not offer refunds. However if you enjoy my designs I am certain you will be very pleased where we end up

Once the master files are accepted the project is considered completed.
You have 60 days to complete any design project. If you become inactive with your project after the 60 days it will be considered abandoned and completed, no refund will be due. I can place your project on hold if required with notification

I am a very kind easy person to work with and expect to be treated in the same professional manner. I will and do discontinue working with rude and disrespectful people. If I stop my involvement due to these reasons an appropriate refund is issued

A master copy of your logo is kept in private storage for several years if you should require future services or lose your copy